Shanghai Research Center
for Brain Science and Brain-Inspired Intelligence

As part of a major Chinese brain initiative, Shanghai Municipal Government and the Chinese Academy of Sciences inaugurated Shanghai Research Center for Brain Science and Brain-Inspired Intelligence (henceforth abbreviated as Shanghai Brain/AI Center) in 2018. The Shanghai Brain/AI Center is structurally designed to foster cross-disciplinary and collaborative research to tackle major challenges in neuroscience, brain diseases and artificial intelligence. The Center aims at recruiting top-quality scientists in the world, and is committed to provide them with sustained funding support for innovative long-term research developments.
The research areas include the experimental neuroscience using animal models, brain imaging, brain diseases and medicine, computational neuroscience, machine learning and artificial intelligence, intelligent chip design and intelligent computation technology, and brain-machine interface and robotics.
The headquarter and central research basis of Shanghai Brain/AI Center is located at the central area of Zhangjiang Science City in the Pudong New Area of Shanghai. The Shanghai Brain/AI Center has an incubation center, the Shanghai Center for Brain-Intelligence Engineering, in the Shanghai Lingang New City.
Shanghai Brain/AI Center has planned to build the special sub-research centers or technical platforms in Shanghai, such as the clinical research center for brain functions and brain diseases, the research center for neural education, and the international research center for brain mapping. The brain research network will also be constructed mainly in the southern China, particularly in the Yangze River Delta region.